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Drain Cleaning

If you own your home long enough you’re going to have to deal with clogged drains. That’s because over time all manner of pollutants accumulate on the inside of your pipes restricting water flow. With a shower or bathtub drain the culprit is likely to be soap and hair, while in the kitchen it’s typically a matter of food from washing dishes, pots and pans. Regardless of the nature of the clog however, the most important thing is to get it cleared quickly and effectively and no company that offers drain cleaning in Thornhill will do that better than Super Plumber.

State of the Art Drain Cleaning in Thornhill

Talk to some plumbers and they’ll make it seem like being overcharged and underserved is something you’ll just have to accept. At Super Plumber we don’t buy that for a second. We provide our customers with fast, dependable, affordable drain cleaning in Thornhill so that they can resume their lives with minimal disruption. When you enlist us to clear your drains you can expect:

Prompt Response - With some plumbers it almost seems like they’re doing you a favour by agreeing to clear your drains. If they eventually show up they often work at a snail’s pace in order to stretch the job out. At Super Plumber we guarantee same day service and when we say we’re going to arrive at a certain time we’re there. We won’t ever just leave you hanging.

Plumber York
Plumber York

Latest Tools and Techniques - All of our equipment and techniques represent the latest and best knowledge about how to remove clogs from your drains. Our high-tech diagnostic tools allow us to pinpoint the clog and devise the best strategy for removing it. Whether using snake augers, a drain rooter or high pressure water jets your clog doesn’t stand a chance. Professionalism - We’ve seen plumbers lumbering into people’s homes looking like they just emerged from a month in the storm sewers of Toronto. We, on the other hand believe that the plumber who shows up to clear your drains should present a clean, professional appearance and a friendly, approachable manner. This is not marketing. It’s respect.

Environmentally Responsible Waste Removal - We care about the world we’re going to leave to our kids. You never have to worry that potentially dangerous waste removed from your pipes is dumped into a storm drain somewhere. We comply with all applicable regulations regarding waste disposal and we’ll even incur an extra cost to ourselves if need be to comply. “Breakthrough Pricing” - We’re concerned with building long term relationships with our customers based on trust. While the quality of our work goes a long way toward insuring that, we also believe first-rate plumbing services should be affordable and your bill should be simple. For this reason we’ve instituted what we call “Breakthrough Pricing”. Ask us about it.

If you’re tired of business as usual when it comes to drain cleaning in Thornhill call the professionals at Super Plumber. We’ll respond quickly, diagnose the problem accurately and clear your drain completely without draining your bank account at the same time.