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Sump Pump Installation

f you find standing water in the basement of your home or business you have a problem. Either there’s a leak in your foundation walls or groundwater is bubbling up from below. The first thing to do is conduct a thorough examination of your foundation walls looking for cracks or evidence of seepage. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the window wells too. Often water will leak in around windows during heavy rain. If your inspection of the foundation and windows yielded no evidence of a leak it’s likely a water table issue and you’ll need to have a sump pump installed to deal with it.

Sump Pump Installation in Thornhill Made Easy by Super Plumber

If you’ve discovered standing water in your basement and it’s coming from a cove joint or up through cracks in the floor you’ll need to have sump pump installed. Super Plumber specializes in sump pump installation in Thornhill for homeowners and businesses great and small. To determine which type of sump pump will be right for your situation we’ll look at several factors:

How Much Water are you Dealing With? - If the amount of water is limited and only appears under extreme conditions (like prolonged periods of heavy rain) a plastic, pedestal sump pump may be more than adequate to address the problem. If, on the other hand, the amount of water is significant and a more or less regular condition we’ll recommend a cast-iron submersible pump. Submersible pumps:

  • Do a better job of moving large volumes of water
  • Are substantially quieter than pedestal pumps
  • Typically last longer than pedestal pumps
  • Remain completely out of sight
  • Are easy to maintain
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Horsepower - The amount of horsepower will determine the amount of water the sump pump is able to move. The pros from Super Plumber will conduct a detailed assessment of your water intrusion problem in order to determine the appropriate horsepower for your sump pump motor. In all likelihood if you’re dealing with large quantities of water you’ll want a ½ horsepower pump.

Adequate Backup - We also recommend our clients consider a battery powered backup system for their sump pump. The battery powered backup will kick in automatically during power outages and is crucial in maintaining your ability to remove water during powerful storms. We also recommend our customers carefully consider installing a backup pump just in case the main pump should get damaged or otherwise fail. When you enlist Super Plumber to handle your sump pump installation in Thornhill you’re enlisting the most trusted plumbers in the GTA. We set the standard for quality, reliability and affordability other plumbing companies aspire to. No one has a better on time record or is more committed to their customer’s satisfaction than the master plumbers at Super Plumber.

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Removing groundwater from the basements is a well-understood and affordable process. All it takes is the right tools and the right company to install them. For first-class sump pump installation in Thornhill, Super Plumber is that company. Call us today.

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